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Applewood Kids Play


Give our kids something more exciting to do than screens at home: PLAY!

Inclusive, all ages free play, close to home. Find Applewood-ish neighborhood children at the Stober Elementary playground weekdays from around 3:00PM until dinner. Everyone is welcome to stay until they’re cold or it’s dinnertime – or the other kids go home!

Please note that this is parent-free, child-led play. By all means, walk your child over and back safely. But if your child is too young to play without an adult, please reconsider attending.

Benefit #1:
Use our local parks + green spaces

Lakewood has lovely green spaces, and most often they’re devoid of cheerful, playing occupants. Using these spaces is good for everyone!

Benefit #2:
Get plugged in to friends nearby

With so many school options nearby, kids often don’t know who lives on their own block. Come on out and let’s play together!

Benefit #3:
Independence! Explore safely in groups

Remember biking through your neighborhood as a kid, the wind in your hair? Yep, me too. Let’s take back these empty streets with (benign) kid bicycle gangs!

What we’ll do:
  • Consistent play days where kids can meet neighbor kids to play together.
  • Grow our kids’ independence by letting them build groups and explore together.
  • Understand that our community is only a good one when people know each other.

“Children need the freedom and time to play. Play is not a luxury. Play is a necessity.”

Kay Redfield Jamison
About Me

I’m Christine Emming, a neighborhood mom who wishes her kids had friends nearby. Maybe your kids?

I’m a community builder, lover of friendship, family hikes, and a HUGE believer in the power of all ages play.

(If you’re a homeschooler, I also run the Wildling Collective.)

Get In Touch

Questions? You can just walk over the field and ask, or text/email me (somewhat ciphered for bots):

(303) – nine four nine – 7517

christine [at ]


My kiddos, aged 10 (g) and 12 (b) will start these daily play dates, and they’ll run as long as kids show up! Let’s hang!